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Feb. 3 - Weekend Recap at Valencia

The Fresno Monsters are up to four wins in a row, and force the Valencia Flyer's losing streak to 12 straight games with the weekend sweep. Monsters score 36 goals in three games and keep its first place Western Division spot. Zackory Turpin and William Marksted had two hat tricks each.

Jan. 30

Fresno Monsters 12, Valencia Flyers 5

Fresno forced a 4-0 lead in the first period of Game 1, before the Flyers could answer with a power play goal to close out the period. Valencia was able to get five past Jayden Pasillas through out the entire tilt, but never really posed a threat as their goals often followed a slew of goals from the Monsters.

Ultimately, it was another string of tallies that buried the Flyers, five straight in the third to be exact. Jon Tagoona, William Markstedt, and Tristan Baker each score hat tricks, while Bjorn Gabrielsson registered five points.

Jan. 31

Fresno Monsters 12, Valencia Flyers 4

In Game 2, Zackory Turpin had himself an eight-point night to oust Valencia with four goals and four assists; Narek Aleksanyan registered five assists and two goals for seven points.

Feb. 1

Fresno Monsters 12, Valencia Flyers 4

Another three players in Bjorn Gabrielsson, Turpin, and Markstedt scored hat tricks in Game 3 as they duplicated Saturday's scored.


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