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Game one in Las Vegas begins tonight

The 2019-20 season has arrived for the Fresno Monsters as they head to Las Vegas for the Thunderbirds home opener tonight (6:05 p.m. PT) at Sobe Ice Arena. The game will stream on Black Dog Hockey and play by play commentary will be on the Monsters twitter account: @WSHLMonsters.


Turn The Page: The Fresno Monsters have pushed last year's playoff series to the backs of their minds and are poised to create new history in 2019-20. Many are speculating that with Long Beach no longer in the picture, Vegas will become the new top rival in the West Division for the Monsters but only time will tell.

Look for leadership: Fresno has a total of five battle hardened veterans they will need to look to for leadership on and off the ice going into the new season. If physicality begins to dominate the game, the Fresno Monsters will need to be focused on outworking their opponent.


Triston Mirasty

8 Taylor Hiatt

11 Jon Tagoona

13 Narek Aleksanyan

14 Zackory Turpin

17 Stepan Nosar

18 Tristan Baker

19 Cobi Lennex

22 Ty Wright

23 George Leech

25 Zackary Lavoie

28 William Markstedt

30 Rodrigo Sacristan

32 Nathan Girard

33 Jayden Pasillas

51 Emmett Rupert

71 Ulysses Mikhailov

77 Gabriel Courcy

83 Tomas Ocovsky

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