Killing the confusion. A tale of two rinks.

Good morning!

How is everyone on this beautiful Saturday morning? The birds are chirping, the weather is cooling down, the leaves are falling, and football is back on TV which means hockey season is almost officially here.

With the start of the regular season so close, we wanted to clear up some confusion that we've been hearing on the ol' world wide web.

Confusion like:

"Thought you guys we're playing at Selland?"

"When is the first official home game?"

"Are season tickets on sale?"

"Why is Peter Weber the next Bachelor and not Mike Johnson?"

Lucky you, Ricky from Tallahassee gave me a call yesterday and told me to set down the White Claw and help answer some of your questions.

Let's get the most important question out of the way first.

Honestly, I don't know why Peter was chosen over Mike. Mike was the fan favorite going in. We should of seen it coming and known that they were gonna be basic and play it safe. It raises a lot of questions though: