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Monsters drop 2 to Vegas but end the weekend with a win

The Fresno Monsters (7-2-0) met their match this weekend against the Las Vegas Thunderbirds (8-1-0) dropping the first two games but not before leaving a statement on Saturday night.

Series Rewind:

Game 1: Fresno 1, Las Vegas 2

In their first matchup of the regular season, both teams went in undefeated and at times looked like they were playing mirrored versions of themselves with matching shots on goals and penalties for almost every period of the game. Late in the first, Lackas would give Las Vegas the first point of the game going up against Fresno's Knute Loe in goal. In the second, Mikhail Gavrilenko would get Fresno on the board with an assist from Nick Leech but Husby would get the game-winning goal for Las Vegas seven minutes later.

Game 2: Fresno 2, Las Vegas 3

It wouldn't be until the second period that either team got on the board. Mohr and Altman scored the first two for Las Vegas with Gagnon getting a power-play goal late in the second for Fresno. Altman would get his second of the night early in the third with Gavrilenko following up with an unassisted goal but it would prove too little, too late for Fresno.

Game 3: Fresno 8, Las Vegas 2

Both Knute Loe (Fresno) and Anthony Bonaldi (Las Vegas) would play their third game straight of the weekend and their endurance would ultimately come to decide the fate of the game. Mohr once again was able to strike first blood which was quickly countered by Fresno when Brenton got his first goal of the season with Fresno.

Fresno would get their first lead all weekend when Dufour scored on the power play early in the second but that was quickly gone when Altman tied the game up. Gagnon and Gavrilenko would once again have to come to the rescue for Fresno and make it 4-2.

Anton Svensson would make his triumphant return with an early goal off the puck drop. Gavrilenko would get his second and short-handed goal followed by a goal each by Dumoulin and Eruslanov.

Next Series:

Fresno (7-2-0) will return to action this weekend on the road against the Southern Oregon Spartans (0-3-0) starting Nov. 13th.

Player Stats:

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