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Monsters name former captain, Cody Key, as Head Coach

FRESNO (June 17, 2020) - Fresno Monsters General Manager Jeff Blair announced today, June 17, changes to the team's coaching staff: Cody Key has been named the new head coach. The Monsters would like to thank Trevor Karaziwicz for his services as coach during the 2019-2020 season and wish him all the best moving forward.

"We are determined to have the Fresno Monsters reach its full potential and want to build on the progress and successes we have made during the past seasons. There are so many positive aspects to our team and its involvement in the community and we are always striving to do better. Our move from the WSHL to the USPHL will be an exciting opportunity for our players. We expect every player coming in to our organization to play with intensity, passion and aspirations to move on to higher levels of hockey,” said Fresno Monsters General Manager Jeff Blair.

"In Cody Key, we have a proven individual with a wealth of experience as a player, captain of the Monsters and coach. We are excited to welcome Cody back to the Fresno Monsters organization.”

Key has served as Assistant to Head Coach Kevin Kaminski during the 2018-19’ season having a record of 31-16-3-1.

Prior to coaching for Fresno, Cody Key played for the Cheyenne Stampede under Head Coach Eric Ballard (former Fresno Monsters coach) during the 2014-15’ season before returning home to Fresno to play for the Monsters from 2015 to 2018, playing under both Head Coach Bryce Dale and Kevin Kaminski.

Cody, currently holds many franchise records including:

  • All Time Assists per Season with 86.

  • 2nd in All Time Points at 273

  • 2nd in All Time Goals at 105.

“I’m excited at the opportunity given to me by the Fresno Monsters to translate what I have learned as a player and coach from arguably three of the best coaches in junior hockey (Eric Ballard, Bryce Dale, Kevin Kaminski) and pass that on to the next generation of players who will adorn the Black & Green of Fresno. By moving into a new league and with a higher tempo of play, we’re going to bring a lot of energy both on the bench and on the ice” said Cody Key.

When asked what could be expected in the upcoming season from the Monsters, Cody said “Fans need to come ready to rock the rink in our first game at Selland later this year. It’s going to be a fast pace style of hockey. Forget about what you know of Fresno hockey in the past. This is going to be a team built around speed, stick handling, and finishing our checks.”

When not around hockey, Cody Key can be found on the dirt track in Lemoore where he has a decorated career winning multiple feature events along with 3 track championships. After returning home from living away due to his hockey career, Cody began racing in the Super 600 division where he has already tallied three feature wins and several top 5 finishes.

“We're excited and looking forward to working with Key. He is a determined, talented, and accomplished individual who definitely brings an intensity and a local familiarity to Fresno's hockey team” said Fresno Monsters General Manager Jeff Blair.


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