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Pregame report: October 19, 2019

The Fresno Monsters return tonight for game 2 against the Valencia Flyers at 7:15 p.m. PT at the Ice Station. Tune in on Black Dog Hockey and on Twitter for the action.

LAST TIME OUT What a return to form for your Fresno Monsters last night in game 1 with Max Karlenzig getting the shut out saving 31 of 31 shots on goal in his first game back.

Aleksanyan and Turpin step up once again proving themselves as the power duo with 2 goals each and both notching assists to go along with it. Turpin is now the lead scorer for the Monsters with 8 points and Aleksanyan following up quickly with 5 points.

Gavrilenko in his first game also scored towards the middle of the third period.


Twitter: @WSHLMonsters

KEYS TO THE GAME Don't get drawn in: For any fan who watched last night will tell you, there was no shortage of fights which lead to a few ejections from the game. With the momentum built and points proven, the Monsters now need to settle down and not get drawn into unnecessary penalties.

Keep Shooting: Fresno scored 5 goals and ripped 30 shots on goal against Valencia last night. That kind of non-stop offense will help Fresno moving forward and keep the Flyers from getting their first win of the season.


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