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Pregame report: October 5, 2019


Play by tweets: @WSHLMonsters


The Las Vegas Thunderbirds controlled the pace of play during their home opener against the Monsters on Friday night as they claimed a 5-1 win at Sobe Ice Arena. The Thunderbirds Estonia junior national team member Emil Svartbro netted a hat trick while the Monsters were only able to get one point on the board from newcomer Narek Aleksanyan with an assist from Fresno's captain Ty Wright.


Out-fly the Thunderbirds: Las Vegas will have the energy of its fans and their momentum from their first win of the season will most likely carryover to tonight. It will be key for Fresno to tune out the crowd and prevent the Thunderbirds from feeding off the energy.

Find their rhythm: The Monsters this season are comprised of relatively new members with only 5 veteran returners meaning they will need to find a rhythm to begin working as a team. The Monsters will also need to step up to their reputation and become more physical to gain control of the puck and ultimately the game.


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