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San Diego vs Fresno // Nov. 23, 2019

The Monsters prepare to take on the San Diego Sabers in tonight's match-up. Game time will be 8:15PM tonight at the Iceoplex. Coverage of the games will be available on Black Dog Hockey and live play by tweets on the Monsters twitter account.

Twitter: @WSHLMonsters


"The San Diego Sabers will host three different Western Division opponents at the Escondido Iceoplex this weekend. San Diego has three wins, three losses, and one overtime setback at home.

San Diego has two wins and one loss at home when playing against the Ontario Avalanche. The Sabers have won the previous two games between the clubs. Having said that, the Avalanche owns the season series 4-3.

The Sabers will then play against the Monsters on Saturday. Fresno traveled to San Diego two weeks ago and battled to a single win in order to avoid being swept. San Diego started with Fresno and won in their second overtime game of the season, then followed with another win the following night. In total, San Diego scored 13 goals in three games.

The third opponent to visit the Sabers will be Valencia, who has the least amount of action at the Iceoplex of any team in the Western Division. The Flyers opened their season in San Diego and defeated the Sabers in overtime after a very exciting match on Oct. 6. Overall, the Sabers and Flyers have split the season series thus far, with both sides taking a win."


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