Single game tickets are now on sale for Selland Arena

So here I was minding my own business watching the new lifetime Christmas movie “Merry Liddle Christmas” starring Kelly Rowland (cause Destiny's Child) on Saturday night when my phone starts lighting up like Rudolph's nose with messages!

Now my first instinct was to ignore the phone cause everyone knows Saturday's are for the boys but I knew it had to be serious when Ricky started giving me an actual phone call.

Nobody ever actually calls someone these days - I mean you gotta find the contact, dial the numbers, wait for the connection, and hear that awful “dial up tone” while hoping the person on the other side doesn’t screen your call. This had to be serious.

Now you're probably asking yourself what all the hubbub was about…..

Come to find out, Fresno Monsters’ single game tickets weren't on sale yet!!

How is this even possible? We’re less than a week away from the first game at Selland Arena on December 6th to take on the Southern Oregon Spartans at 7:30PM!

So in a panic, I threw my white claws in the suitcase and booked the first flight from Tallahassee to Fresno with no time to waste.

Fast forward several hours and a day (forgot it was a holiday weekend) and I marched right into the Monsters’ office to sort things out once and for all because I’m a man of the people! And people want tickets!

Now we’re all mature adults so I calmly talked it out with the good folks at Ticketmaster and the Monsters front office staff and explained to them (using my calm voi