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Everything You Need To Know About Star Wars Night This Saturday

A long time ago but somehow in the future....

It's Star Wars night with the Fresno Monsters!

We know all you fanboys and girls out there have been excited about this one for awhile. I mean those Star Wars jerseys have been selling like Power Converters at Tosche Station.

As always I'm here to answer some of the most important questions you guys have been sending us and hopefully help some of you on your path to the Dark Side of the Force.

When is the game again?

This Saturday - January 19, 2019

Where do you guys play?

We play in what is the equivalent of the Death Star. Selland Arena....

Here's the addy: 700 M St, Fresno, CA 93721

How much are the tickets:

Republic credits are no good out here. We need something more real.... only money.

But they start out at like $14 bucks for good seats. We recommend buying your tickets at the box office to save on fees but if you're lazy like Jabba, CLICK HERE TO BUY ONLINE

Also word around Mos Eisley Cantina is that if you come dressed in Star Wars apparel you can get a FREE GA TICKET. But it's gotta be like good apparel guys... If you come in your bath robe waving your hand around like some kind of Jedi, we're gonna feed you to the Wookie.

Can I bring my Lightsaber?

We talked with the Senate (Selland) and they said you guys can bring Lightsabers but NO BLASTERS!

So bring your Lightsabers and show us your best moves!!!! Like I'm gonna be disappointed if I show up and there's not folks having Lighsaber duels like the Star Wars Kid:

Can we dress up?

We encourage everyone to dress up! Just remember that you can't wear helmets. I mean you saw what happen to the last guy who wore a helmet in the Star Wars universe:

What do the Star Wars Jerseys look like?

They're filthy.... like Darth Vader probably wishes he was reppin' one of these:

And before anyone ask.... yes, we still have some up for grabs. You can buy em' online right now by CLICKING HERE or you can get whatever is left from the Jawa's at the fan assistance booth during the silent auction on Saturday.

Will there be characters from the Star Wars universe in attendance?

The 501st Legion will be at Selland Arena and in attendance at the Monsters game, yes.

If you guys have ever been to one of our Star Wars nights before or been to any Star Wars night at a sporting event then you know who these guys are....

For those who don't, these are the guys that Disney sends out to special events and they are the real deal. Like these guys look like they came straight out of George Lucas office. We don't know which characters they're bringing but trust me, it's gonna be awesome!

Yes, everyone can take FREE photos with them.

Should Ewan McGregor get his own Obi-Wan movie?


Hello there....

You are a bold one.

And there you have it! We'll see you this weekend at Selland Arena. It's the Monsters last home game series at Selland Arena so if you haven't gone or know someone who hasn't, then get down and watch some HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Games start Thursday Jan. 17 vs Long Beach at 7:30pm.


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