Everything you need to know about the Stanley Cup coming to Fresno on Thursday

I'm sure everyone in Fresno and Clovis knows by now but just in case.... THE STANLEY CUP IS COMING TO SELLAND ARENA ON JANUARY 10th!!!

With that out of the way..... Let's do a little Q&A with the fans so we can get all the facts straight and make sure everyone in town gets their picture with the Holy Grail:

What day is the Stanley Cup coming?

January 10th, this Thursday. Stop asking us this question........

Where at?

Selland Arena in Downtown Fresno

What time do doors open?

Doors will be open to the general public starting at 6pm. We do expect a large crowd for this event, so please plan accordingly and be prepared to stand in line. Like, I'm talking Six Flags Magic Mountain lines and we ain't got no flash passes. But hey! the line will be inside on the upper concourse so you can still watch the game and drink at the same time.

Where will the Stanley Cup be in Selland?

The Stanley Cup will be located on the West Concourse of Selland. So you'll walk through the front doors, walk up the stairs (or take the elevator), and then proceed to the other side of Selland.

There will be staff members helping everyone out and making sure you don't get lost.

Once there, you'll have to wait in line for your turn with the Stanley Cup. And we don't wanna see anyone cutting in line either. We're not playing by those school yard rules, bud.

Is there a Monsters game?