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FRESNO FORCE, Monsters teaming up with Fresno PD and NHLPA for new youth hockey program

FRESNO, CA -- The Monsters announced Wednesday that they have teamed up with the Fresno Police Department and NHLPA for a new youth hockey program called "Fresno Force".

The new program is provided free of charge to children between the ages of 5-9 years old. The program boost that experience is not necessary to join in on the fun, only a great attitude and willingness to learn.

Equipment is provided free of charge to participants by the NHLPA and the hockey lessons are taught by local police officers and volunteers.

The Fresno Force is part of a community policing program that aims to help build relationships with children who might not be able to afford the cost of hockey. The Force is apart of a larger program that started in Hawthorne, CA and grew to have teams in North Charelston, Yonkers, and even as far north as Deux-Montagnes in Canada. The Fresno Monsters will be joining the program alongside Las Vegas this year for the first time in the programs history.

""I think ice hockey is a great way to build and strengthen the bonds between police officers and children. I have seen officers learning to skate side by side with six year olds" said Monsters Community Relations Coordinator Chris Cognac. "They learn together, fall together, and pick each other back up... it really creates something special. The kids learn as a team and accomplish what they never thought they could before. Everyone involved gains confidence to try new things."

For those interested in enrolling in the program, contact the Fresno PD Northwest Division at 5596216530 or email


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