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Fresno to Host Playoff Games in March

FRESNO, CA -- The Fresno Monsters have announced that they will host the number three seed team of the Western Division for the Semi-Finals at home on the fourth weekend of March.

Fresno will finish out the regular season as the number 2 seed in the West. Securing them as host to the Divisional Semi's and a bye during the first week of playoffs. The number 3 seed in the Western Division has yet to be determined but it looks strong that it could be San Diego who comes to Fresno.

The Divisional Semi-Finals are a best of three series.

The details are as follows:

Date(s) & Time(s):

March 22 - 7:30pm

March 23 - 5:30pm

March 24 - 10:00am *if necessary


Gateway Ice Center

- WSHL Playoff format (from -

ROUND 1, MARCH 14-17: This is a play-in round for the divisions with 5-teams where the two lowest seeds face-off. The Winner moves on to play against the No. 1 seed in their division. 

ROUND 2, MARCH 21-24: This is the division semi-final round. 4-team divisions will start in this round. 

ROUND 3, MARCH 28-31: Division Finals round. 

THORNE CUP, APRIL 9-13: The Thorne Cup Finals will start in round-robin fashion with two groups facing off against each other. The 5 division champions will qualify for the Thorne Cup Finals while the 6th seed is determined as the division finals runner-up with most points, or the Host, should Ogden not win the Mountain Division Finals.

Visit the link below for further information on the Thorne Cup Finals and host city, Ogden. 


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