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It's Almost Time For the Gateway Get-Down

Believe it or not, the Gateway Get-Down has been one of the most asked about nights of the entire season. I don't know what has you guys all excited about these games but it makes excited that you're excited.

As always, I'm here to answer some your most asked about questions so let's get into it

What days are the Gateway Get-Down?

Last two games of the regular season will be played on January 31st & February 1st

What time do the games start?

January 31 - 7:30 pm

February 1 - 5:30 pm

Where is Gateway Ice Center?

What is Gateway Ice Center?

It's the official practice facility of the Fresno Monsters and public skating rink of Fresno.

So please, don't judge us on how it looks....

Why are you guys playing at Gateway?

There we're scheduling conflicts with the arena that we simply could not get resolved. Something about some company named Disney paying more money than us or something, I don't know.

Why do we have a game starting at 5:30 pm on Friday?

Gateway Ice Center is a public skating rink and they want everyone to try out ice skating. So if you're not busy, feel like making left turns all night like they do in NASCAR, you should give it a try.

How do I buy tickets?

This is officially not a Ticketmaster event, that's why no one has been able to find tickets online. We're going old school for this one. All you gotta do is show up and buy your tickets at the front counter when you walk in.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are only $10, across the board. Unless you're 3 & under which means you get in free

I'm a season ticket holder, what about me?

You're all good to go! Stop stressing out, you bought your way to the good life bud.

We're gonna have a second entrance on the south side of the building that is only for season ticket holders.

If you have your season ticket holder badge then you can just walk right on through the door and give ol' Donny at the front counter the bird as you smirk your way through the line.

If you lost your badge or didn't receive one, again stop stressing out. There will be a full printed list of our season ticket holders at the counter to make sure you don't have to pay to get into the building.

Can we buy group tickets?

We will not be selling group tickets for this event.

When do doors open?

One hour before the puck drops for the general public.

Season ticket holders, you guys can come in an hour & half before the puck drops.

Same as Selland.

What about seating?

I was dreading talking about this topic.... We have very limited seating at Gateway Ice Center. I'm talking like the Jack in the Box next store might have more seating than this place. Because of this reason, we can not reserve seats for anyone. Seating is first come, first serve.

We don't have enough seats to even reserve for half of our season ticket holders and we don't wanna start reserving seats and then people start getting upset cause they feel like mom & dad love the other child more kind of situation. We love you all and you're all equal, that's why we're gonna make you fight for our affection.

While the seating might get taken up fast there's still lots of room to stand.

Plus, who gives a crud if we don’t have lots of seats? Me and Ricky are cheering on the Monsters until we die! or until his mom comes to pick him up at 8:30…. obviously which ever one comes first.

Is there a good spot or seat to watch the game?

Honestly, every spot and seat is like having a glass seat at Selland. You will be no further than 6ft from the action at all times. You can have a full conversation with the refs and opposing team if you feel like it.

How cold is it at Gateway? Selland is pretty cold sometimes.

You have never felt cold like this before. You need to layer up and bust out the coats. Some folks come in here trying to look all fashionable or you'll see dudes trying to act hard like "I don't get cold that's why I'm wearing cargo shorts and flip flops" and those are the same people you see a half hour later from the Monster shop with a new sweater on.

The Monsters' office is inside Gateway and as I write this I'm praying for global warming to happen. Then maybe I’ll be able to stop shaking so damn much from hypothermia.

What about food and beer?

As of right now, we're working to get some vendors in here to take care of y'all but in the meantime we suggest bringing some sandwiches.

Logan's Roadhouse will be serving drinks at the bar inside the rink. So go ahead and say Enchanté to some drinks.

*Logan's Roadhouse has confirmed that they will be bar-tending the games on both nights. So please do not bring in outside beverages. Alcoholic beverages will be served at the bar inside Gateway.

With that being said.... please keep in mind that we do have security on the premises. The security guards at Gateway are way more chill but they also have cousins who work at Selland and they heard about all the stuff we did. Just sayin'.....

Is Gnarley Charley going to be at Gateway?

We've heard rumors that he will be making a special appearance for the games.

Do you have a hitching post for my Llama's?

Yes! We have like six of them out front.

and now for some fun facts......

Why is it called the Gateway Get-Down?

Fun fact, back in the ol' days we use to play Friday's & Saturday's at Selland and then there was always a third game at Gateway Ice Center on Sunday's. The only people who came to these games where the die-hard fans and those employees who were required to show up (usually with a hangover) and the whole lot of us would kind of just kick back and have fun. Drinks were in hand, Monsters would run up the scoreboard, coaches would throw sticks, fans would get kicked out, police would show up, and the football games were on the tv's. It was kind of like having a party at a friends house, hence why the games became known as the Gateway Get-Down's.

Gateway Ice Center staff is not the same as Fresno Monsters staff.

That's right! We're basically like cousins and best friends. So please, do not yell at the Gateway staff. They do not know you and honestly they could care less about what the Monsters are doing. We piss them off more than anyone....

The games will still be aired on Black Dog Hockey

If you can't make it to the game you’re gonna have to go to your friend Kevin Arnold’s house in Kingsburg and watch online where he only has a dial up connection and wait two hours to watch it on black dog hockey.

At least you'll be able to eat Swedish Pancakes while you're in Kingsburg.

We still have lots of T-shirts to throw out

Our office is full of t-shirts and our boss only wears Cut Offs. So we will be throwing out tons of FREE shirts to the crowd.

With that if you guys have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call at 5595494849 or email us at

and don't forget we're on the road this weekend and will see you all on Twitter for the games from West Sound in Washington!

Have a good week everyone!


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