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JAN. 5th - Rodeo Night with the Fresno Monsters

Here's your New Years Resolution, watch more hockey games...... and everyone is in luck because the Monsters are kicking off the New Year with home games in Downtown Fresno.

The Bellingham Blazers are coming to town and their currently sitting pretty in first place feeling good about themselves like Count and Countess Pamplemousse from the next kingdom over in the Northwest Division saying things like "Our beers are much fancier than this":

Which is good news for the Monsters because we're gonna be battle ready as we'll have already been on the road the whole month of December battling to keep our first place status in the West and we'll be coming back from the WSHL Shootout taking on the best of the best teams from around the league like Ogden.


And to celebrate our accomplishments we're gonna be celebrating what makes Fresno better than every other city in the valley..... Cowboys and Rodeos!

93.7 Kiss Country is helping us put on a big night that everyone can enjoy. Gnarley Charley and Jodi Jo will be on hand to meet with fans before the game and will be doing autographs and photo opportunities before the game starts. Which is perfect cause Selland offers $5 beers until the puck drops at 7:30pm, so you can afford to buy yourself a beer and one for Gnarley.

Once you're done talking shop with Gnarley and Jodi you can head down to the far side of the East concourse and try your hand at bull riding! That's right, the Monsters are gonna have a freaking mechanical bull inside Selland Arena!! The person with the longest time at the end of the night is gonna receive a prize from the Monsters, so you'll want to make sure to bring your A+ game.

We're guessing by the time you've had your fair amount of fun watching people fall off the bull that it's gonna be 1st intermission. So you'll be heading in and finding your seats only to be confused as you look at the ice because the Fresno Ice Skating Club is going to be putting on a special "Rodeo" themed skating show for the fans. You guys are gonna love it! Instead of watching a bunch of dudes tripping over each other chasing after a small puck, you'll be able to see the graceful side of ice skating and these kids are phenomenal.

Rumors have it that the Fresno State "Bulldoggers" Rodeo Team might also be making an appearance as well.... So you'll want to keep an eye out.

So strap on your boots, eat some tri-tip, jump in your lifted truck, grab some Dutch bros, and head down to Selland Arena on Jan. 5th. And don't forget your cowboy hat because if you wear one to the game you can get in for FREE!!!!


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