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Monsters Showing Promise for Exciting Season

FRESNO, CA -- The Fresno Monsters took to the ice in 2 exhibition games against Ontario Avalanche to showcase what they've been working on since the team arrival back on August 31st.

Exhibition Game 1(9/18): The Monsters struggled early to get the chemistry going and Ontario was able to put one past the goal in the first. #63 Cole Beckman would keep the Monster energy alive by stirring up trouble with Ontario and keeping majority of the team in the penalty box.

Despite taking all of the first period to find their rhythm Nakita Garin #58 got things going for the Monsters in the 2nd period. #14 Zack Turpin would follow up with another goal, giving the Monsters the advantage in the 2nd.

It didn't take the Avalanche long to answer back, tying up the game with 15:17 to go in the 3rd period. The Monsters and Avalanche would keep the game at a draw and would head into a shootout. In the 3rd round Monsters #58 Nakita Garin would sink one under the legs on Ontario's goalie, leaving it up to the red hot Max Karlenszing to save the game. The Monsters would take game one with a final of Fresno 3 - Ontario 2.

Exhibition Game 2(9/19): In game 2 Ontario was back for revenge and would be the first to strike with 15:00 left in the 1st period. The Monsters looked better this time out but would head into the locker room with no answer.

The Monsters would answer back on a power-play in the 2nd period with a goal by #14 Zack Turpin. However the Avalanche would follow up with another goal and take the lead. Turpin #14 was not having it and took to the goal to tie up the game 2-2 in the 2nd period. Even with the Monsters putting up a good fight, Ontario found a way to slip one through just seconds before time expired. Monsters still trail 3-2.

Fresno's #77 Shura would give the Monsters life in the 3rd with a goal. A tripping penalty from Ontario would give #81 Dustin Truex the opportunity to win the game. Truex would seal the deal and Monsters sweep with a 4-3 victory over the Avalanche.

The Monsters will face the Ontario Avalanche again on October 11th-13th for the Monsters season opener at Selland Arena.


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