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THE LOW DOWN: Sabers Coming to Town for Thanksgiving

FRESNO, CA -- The Fresno Monsters will be hosting the San Diego Sabers this upcoming weekend at Selland Arena in Downtown Fresno.

The Opponent:

Originally the Monsters were supposed to play the Bellingham Blazers this weekend but the league switched it around and the Monsters are going to be playing the San Diego Sabers after Thanksgiving and playing Bellingham the first weekend in January. We don't know why they switched, maybe Bellingham's friend Jimmy from Tallahassee is coming into town and they wanna stay up all night playing video games and eating some hot 'za from Pizza Hut. That's just the boss man's theory though.....

The Dates:

Your Monsters are going to be playing this Friday - Sunday. So that's 11/23, 11/24, & 11/25. We know with no game on Thursday this throws a lot of people for a loop but we figured no one was gonna wanna spend Thanksgiving at Selland Arena.

Now some of the OG Monster fans will probably remember that we used to play on Sunday's all the time back in the day. We would jump over to Gateway Ice Center at 10 in the morning and freeze are butts off with the other 8 people who made the same mistake as us. Not this time around..... Our Sunday game is gonna be at Selland Arena with a puck drop at 2pm. So wake up early, go to church, have brunch, and then head over to Selland to watch the Monsters kick some ass on judgement day.


vs San Diego

Selland Arena

7:30pm puck drop


vs San Diego

Selland Arena

7:30pm puck drop


vs San Diego

Selland Arena

2:00pm puck drop

Theme Nights:


So this Friday is the Monsters first ever "Puck Cancer" Night. We have some awesome activities planned out to help raise awareness and honor those who are currently going through the fight. Every person in the building will get a Monsters "I fight for" card and there's rumors that there will be a special limited edition t-shirt being thrown out to the crowds during the game.


We all wake up Thursday morning and watch the Thanksgiving parade like every good American does, we also all know that at the end of the parade Santa shows up and officially declares it Christmas season. Well the Monsters did some networking and we got the big man himself in Red coming to our game on Saturday night. That's right folks, Santa is coming to town for our last big theme night of 2018, the TEDDY BEAR TOSS!!!!!!!!

So here's the deal, if you bring a stuffed animal that is the size of a water bottle or larger then you get a free general admission ticket into the game on Saturday night. Just show off the stuffed animal at the Selland Arena box office and you're good to go.

For those who are not familiar with the Teddy Bear Toss, it's a hockey holiday tradition. You bring a stuffed animal to the game, wait until the Fresno Monsters score their first goal and then you throw your stuffed animal onto the ice! The players and staff collect all the stuffed animals on the ice and donate everything to Fresno Toys for Tots.

In case you need a visual reference:

And after you're done throwing your stuffed animal you can head to the East concourse and get your family Christmas photo with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Deke for FREE!!!!! How are you not already pumped?!

You're already stuck with a bunch of relatives you don't like or talk to, this is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and have some fun. So grab the eggnog and a stuffed animal cause we already got your Saturday night planned.

*FYI: We know the pocket schedules said Teddy Bear Toss was on 11/25 but Santa said he could only make it on 11/24 and when the Big Man in Red says you gotta work with his schedule..... you make the earth move.

11/25 - Sunday

It's Sunday.... that is all.

And that's the low down folks for this weekend. We hope you guys all have a great Thanksgiving - eating Turkey, watching football, and napping until the party is over. We'll see you guys this weekend!


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