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Monsters drop game 1 of Nationals in 6-8 loss to Carolina

Chesapeake, VA -- Newcomer Ricky Bredberg had a standout game netting a pair of goals along with Medrick Bolduc but it would prove not enough as the Fresno Monsters suffer their first loss at Nationals in game one.

How it went down

After Medrick Bolduc opened the first period with a goal in under 4 mins which were then answered by Daniel Nau for Carolina to tie the game 1-1. Ricky Bredberg, Macrae Setoguchi, and Medrick Bolduc would have three back-to-back goals before Daniel Nau would light up the scoreboard once again for Carolina.

The second period is where the Monsters' luck would change as Carolina would have three unanswered goals and Daniel Nau would notch his hat trick.

Pete Giambattista would light up the goal first in the third for Carolina and follow up quickly with another. Ricky Bredberg would get his second goal of the night for Fresno but Alex Straughn silenced the Monsters bench quickly after. Mikhail Gavrilenko would have the final goal of the night for the Monsters.

Looking Ahead

The Fresno Monsters move on to face the Toledo Cherokee tomorrow at 10 am ET at the Chilled Ponds Ice Sports Complex. Catch the game on HockeyTV.


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